Ministries & Departments

Cell Groups

In larger churches the small group network supports the Senior Pastor by looking after the spiritual well being of the membership based on geographic location. NTCG Northampton has 5 active groups that meet every other Wednesday to share the Word and fellowship. All the groups have a Leader who coordinates the activities of the group.

Women’s Discipleship Ministry 

Women and young ladies in our churches are encouraged to actively explore ways to meet the needs of all women; those who attend church, as well as those from the wider community. 

This department celebrates all that women are created to be Healthy, Confident and Empowered.

We therefore promote:

  • Healthy, spiritual growth
  • Confident, purposeful living
  • Empowered, successful women

The women at NTCG Northampton seek to develop a deep relationship with God through prayer, worship and education. We also understand that through the inclusion of other cultures we can enhance our congregations, build our community and strengthen ourselves for the challenges facing our society today. The theme of the local WDM is Beauty for Ashes.

Lifebuilders (Men’s)

The NTCG Northampton LifeBuilders group is committed to working with men to help make the necessary choices to become a better man! Our desire is to facilitate life-changing opportunities to impact the lives of others by providing tools for men to live for Jesus at home, at work and in all areas of their lives



Praise & Worship


Pastoral Care & Social Action


Stewarding & Hospitality