Cell Groups

The Cell Groups ministry has been birthed out of the growth of the following major needs among our congregation:

▪ Greater connection and fellowship among our church family
▪ Greater engagement in prayer and worship
▪ Greater engagement in the study of the written word of God
▪ Greater need to grow our local church beyond the walls of our church building into our communities, with the long-term plan of reaching out to our neighbours just as Jesus would have done

The motto for the Cell Group, ‘Learn Together, Grow Together’ has been prayerfully chosen to reflect that we will seek to work as one, as a church family in smaller units i.e. cell/home groups to help in the spiritual growth and development of our church. The word together is repeated in the motto for emphasis, indicating that we will work with each other to fulfil the needs mentioned above. With the help of the Holy Spirit we will make spiritual growth and development happen for each other. So within our cell groups everyone is expected to contribute to the learning and development of one another as we will share with and help each other.


Area Name  
Weston Favell Sherwin Brown  
Lings Colleen Coates  
Abington/Kingsthorpe/Kingsley Norma Moss  
Ecton Brook, Wellingborough & Kettering Fiona Edwards  
Duston Rachelle Peart  
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